For what you need the EQZ Token

The Equalizer token denomination is EQZ, deployed as an ERC20 standard. It is used as an utility token to stimulate the development of the platform and to grant access to different services exposed by the platform.

Here is a list of categories for what the EQZ token can be used for:

  • Access to a set of premium services that helps to improve your strategies of using the flash loans (educational content, preferential flash loan services with smaller of zero fees, additional tools and services that helps the arbitrageurs to improve their strategies)

  • Incentive for users and contributors to the platform to boost the usage of the flash loan services

  • Stimulate the uptake and integration of Equalizer platform in other existing or future platforms in the DeFi market.

  • Funding pool for R&D projects with focus to multi-chain and cross-chain capabilities.

As a community-driven project, Equalizer aims to bring added value to the entire DeFi space by becoming the first equalizer of the decentralized markets.

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