Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to bring inexpensive and reliable flash lending services to the DeFi space. Instead of diverse initiatives isolated from each other, we must build the DeFi ecosystem on solid foundations.

In our vision, flash loans are not just a useful tool; they are a vital component for the growth and stability of the DeFi ecosystem, directly linked with the DEX volumes and overall liquidity in the broader ecosystem. Its main applications, such as arbitrage, rebalances, liquidations, and collateral swapping, are critical functions that allow for a smooth and steady running of the DeFi industry. To scale up, the industry will need a dedicated player for flash loans, which is our exact vision for Equalizer.

Flash loans can bring considerable value to the DeFi market, and the growth opportunity in this industry is immeasurable. A specialized/dedicated flash loan platform is a necessary building block of DeFi. Through our governance model, we will mitigate many possible financial exploits and other similar risks.

Equalizer is a speciality designed for DeFi Flask Loans, offering the following features:

  • Resilient and Reliable in high volatility conditions

  • Wide (virtually unlimited) selection of token pools

  • Highly available liquidity in each token pool (based on an incentivization program with governance tokens)

  • Open and standardized integration toolbox (API)

  • Extensive documentation and examples

  • Fast infrastructure for high-speed transactions

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