Addressable Market

Addressable Market

There is a clear value to be unlocked in the DeFi industry, and we are here to contribute and grow this ecosystem and offer services to a wide variety of underserved users. In 2020, the market saw exponential growth even while pulling through the global pandemic.

  • More than $700M monthly Flash Loans Volume

  • DeFi exponentially increasing market: $ 40B Total Value Locked.

  • DEXes exponentially increasing volume: $ 60B/month.

  • Liquidations, rebalances, arbitrage, and collateral swapping area a NEED, NOT a trick

As of early 2019, the amount of Defi-locked ETH has increased, with the majority being attributed to Maker and Compound. Maker's position as an early pivotal player has assured their dominance concerning ETH locked (nearly 100% of ETH locked until mid-2019, but still the majority to this day). Maker enabled a new wave of ETH Locked financial protocols that depends on a decentralized stablecoin: SAI (formerly called "DAI" when released). At release, SAI was the only DeFi player with unique stablecoin capabilities. As a result, the ETH influx locked in DeFi related smart contracts was concentrated in the locked ETH for SAI exchange. In mid-2019, a new generation of DeFi protocols was unveiled, with many of them using the SAI stablecoin. It wasn't until the launch of newer protocols that Maker's dominance came under threat, with the introduction of new ways to leverage SAI.

Throughout Q2 2020, 79,648 unique addresses interacted with an Ethereum DeFi protocol. In figure 4, we see that daily active users across DeFi protocols remained relatively consistent throughout the quarter until mid-June, which saw a sudden increase in active users due to the frenzy around COMP. June 21st was the busiest day of the quarter concerning daily active users, with 6,333 active users on Ethereum DeFi. Compound alone accounted for 2,877 (45.4%) of those users. Respective values for each protocol are accurate.

Equalizer serves two classes of customers or consumers, these are Liquidity Providers and Borrowers. These two groups have different and complementary needs, making our platform a unifier serving the two groups.

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